Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rhubarb Crunch

 Wow, two food posts in a row!  I'm proud of myself.... and I actually took pictures this time!  Today is my sister's mother-in-law's birthday, so I thought I would make something yummy to go with us to our picnic at the beach.  See, yesterday I was given two beautiful stocks of rhubarb, and I was itching to make something with it!  Last night I was just too tired to clean my kitchen and then bake something after a long day shift, so I got up early and got it done!  And does my apartment smell good or what!
 The recipe I used was from my family's cookbook, "Jeanne's Favorite Recipes."  There are so many good things in that book!  My family is from Minnesota, so there are a lot of casseroles and other yummy things, including about 10 different rhubarb recipes, so I picked one that I had all the ingredients for and voila!  Delicious smells wafting through the apartment!

Of course... I thought I had all the ingredients.  After getting only a cup and a half of brown sugar out of the bag I had.... I realized that I didn't have enough!  Needed two cups!  And then I double checked my actual sugar... and couldn't find it.  Then I remembered I gave the bag to my sister since she was out.  Well crap!  A trip to the store later, now with both sugars, coffee creamer (which I used the rest of this morning) and ice cream (because, I think the rhubarb would be really good with vanilla ice cream when we get back from the beach), I was finally able to actual start it.
 I mixed up all the dries together, eventually using my hands since the spoon wasn't cutting it.  Brown sugar, oats, flour, cinnamon, and a pinch of cardamom (which wasn't actually in the recipe, but cardamom and rhubarb to me go so well together!).  Then I mixed in a cup of butter.  Well, the recipe called for margarine, but I didn't have any, so I used butter!  The recipe didn't say whether to melt the butter or not, but since I didn't take it out of the fridge the night before, I nuked the sticks for thirty seconds, and then mixed it in to the dries.
 Once fully mixed up, also using my hands.... Why dirty more dishes when you have two perfectly useful tools attached to the end of your arms?  Half of this mixture is then smooshed into the bottom of a 9 inch baking dish.
 Then the rhubarb gets chopped up into little pieces... the recipe says 'finely chop' but with my wrists being touchy (some things like chopping, carrying grocery bags for more than three minutes, etc makes the inflammation flare up.... but oh well!  It happens) this is as 'finely' chopped that the rhubarb is gonna get!  And, I actually only had about three and a half cups of rhubarb when the recipe called for four, but I think it worked out!  Use what you have!
 Next up was making the sugar mixture.  Sugar, water, corn starch and vanilla.  Hey hey hey! Lookie there!  Home made vanilla for the win!  Heat the mixture until it gets nice and thick...  and it seemed to go slow until wham!  All of a sudden it was thick and boiling and splattering on me....  so I promptly took it away from the heat and poured it over the rhubarb.
 Nice and shiny!  Yeah... I stuck it on a foil covered baking sheet... I had a feeling there would be some spillage in my near future, and I really didn't feel like cleaning the oven afterwards.
 The rest of the butter brown sugar mixture gets dumped on top.  Well, 'sprinkled'.  Then into the oven for an hour at 350*.  Which, of course, the oven should have been preheated to already.  I actually did preheat this time, you should be proud of me!
And here it is!  Yummy yummy goodness!  And yes it did spill over a little, so the whole foil covered baking pan... great idea!  Now I can't wait to eat it, with the ice cream!  Or without!  Or whatever... it all sounds delicious.

If interested, I'll share the actual recipe later!  Right now, I have to go get ready to go to my sister's house.

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