Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Minis! Including nude females... and nude males. Be warned!


Here we go!

As promised!  The post that has more pictures than the last post!  Also, includes painted miniatures from Hasslefree Miniatures, as well as Stonehaven and Reaper.
Here is a view of all the ones that have been painted so far!  Kinda shows the range of what I've been working on.  I have been having a lot of fun with all of these.
A better angle of some of them, including the set of Incubus and Succubus that I got from

I don't care that parts of this one is blurry, I like it.  My camera tried to focus on Titania in the background instead of the skelli or fan dwarf.  In the background I've got a completed fairy and one of the Incubus chilling out next to eachother.

So, lets get into the individual paints!  And first, lets go with Oberon from Hasslefree Minis. Oberon has horns, that I probably should have pinned to his head before painting him, but... when have I ever known to do things the easy way?  

 I like him, even without his horns added onto his head.  I had a lot of fun painting him as well.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have been searching for naked males and have found very few options outside of Hasslefree Minis.  At least, not ones that look good.  So, I caved and spent more money that I probably should have buying these and getting them shipped all the way to loverly Washington state so I could finally paint naked dudes.  Yeah... I'm special like that.

So, since we have Oberon up there, I had to get his lovely Titania as well!  She was more difficult for me to paint simply because some of the mold lines were very difficult for me to get to.  I must not have files that are small enough.  Oh well!  I like how she turned out tho!
And the little fairy/pixie thing form Stonehaven is just chillin out.  I did all the wings on the inside with nail polish, to get a really nice iridescent look.  Then they are surrounded by metallic bronze, to make them stand out a little more.  I don't care what anyone else says... I adore her bubblegum pink hair.

And now we move into the incubus and succubus section of the post!!!  I took artistic license here, and decided to paint them how I wanted instead of more human ish in color.  I thought, well... they don't necessarily need to be specifically incubus or succubus... but just demons in general.  I really like how they turned out.
Blue demon dude needs a little touch up on his ab area in shading.  In person it looks different, but on film it is almost a little too highlighted.

 I don't know if it is obvious in the pictures, but all three of the blue demons are actually different shades of blues.  The female on the far right is more teal than blue, for example.
 There is also a demon that is more orange than the red one above..  I don't know why he isn't pictured with the others, but I know he is visible in the group shot at the top of the post.

 Another picture of my Elf Druid hanging out with the others! 
 And finally.... a selection of things that have been worked on.  Look closely and you can see the orange demon hiding behind the barmaid.

The minis have paint on them!!!! Don't Blink!

As I promised last week, I finally uploaded my pictures onto my computer, and I am at my brother's house which has internet.  So, I thought I would fullfil my promise to actually update what I have been doing!!!!!

First off, this post will NOT have any of my nudie ones, that will be in the next post with a warning in the title itself.  So, if you don't want to see those, then don't read that post.  But, if you do, you know where to go!

And... as I uploaded this I realized that a good portion of the pictures I took have someone nekkid in it....

So.... lets start with some Reaper Bones miniatures that I managed to get!!!!  The "Angels of Sorrow" (Which we all know are Weeping Angels...) I scored from ebay, cause I couldn't find them on the Reaper website yet at the time.  I think they turned out very well!  For more pictures of them, check my instagram page!

Don't Blink!

Then, when I was at PAX Prime this year (my 8th year going!) I managed to snag the last police box that they had on display (probably not the actual last, I'm sure they had more in the back hahaha) and when I came home I had to paint it up!!!  The 'Police Public Call Box' words need a little help, but thats as good as I got with the whole hand painting tiny words on it.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better, let me know please!

 So, there we have it!  I now have two weeping angels and a lovely little T.A.R.D.I.S. that will float around my miniatures.  *happy dance*  Now I just need a Doctor to go with them!

Don't Blink!!!!!!!

 Here is a small selection of minis that have been primed, and slowly begun getting bits of paint on them.  Some are primed with the last of my grey primer, then it went to the black.

 I then started taking 'mug shots' of all the minis that I have begun to work on.  First up, because today is the first Seahawks game of the NFL season, here is my fan dwarf!
I love him.  I seem to be painting a whole set of blue and green guys that fit in really well in a tavern setting, including some unconcious ones.  He is the only one that I see as being actually done.  Well, his mug needs a little help, but I'll get to that when I get a little better at painting liquid in a mug.  Or I may re-paint part of it so it looks like a pewter mug.  Opinions would be appreciated.

Next we have this guy.  I like this guy.  He was intricate.  And a lot of fun to paint!  I just have the little patch of fur thing that goes on his britches?   And better lighting so the details show up better on camera!  And any suggestions on his dagger/thing?  I want to paint it so it looks like its made of obsidian, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it at the moment. 
And here we have the little skelli.....  I think he is adorable!  The white highlights show up more on the picture than they do in person, and I may adjust that a titch at some point.   
 And now here are some based, but not really painted all that much.  We got the little gnome cook (of which I LOVE and was pushing during the kickstarter for the Stonehaven Gnomes).  I gave her a familiar in the form of a kitty cat.  No, she will not be cooking the cat.  Nope, not at all hahaha.  I'm thinking that the cat is gonna be an orange tabby, just so I can bring some brighter colors into things.
And for the Elf bard, I thought I'd give him an apprentice!  I actually have this already all painted... didn't realize I hadn't taken a newer picture of it!.  But, the little elf girl with her recorder needed to do something other than hang with the other childrens! 
Last but not least on this post is my awesome elf with her swan next to her.  Technically, its supposed to be her other form, but whatevs....

So, here we go!  Updates on things that have been worked on!  Things are slowly being packed up so I can move, which means not a lot of stuff will actually be progressed on.  And I will be getting the next post up within the hour.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lots of upcoming finished paintings, and more

This is a quick update, and a more thorough one will be coming up soon!

Sorry its been so long between posts, but I've been getting a lot done.  I no longer have internet at my apartment, in part because it was so expensive where I live, and also because I am planning a move at the end of this month.  Since there hasn't been internet in over two months, me getting on the laptop to do much of anything has been limited to when I am at my sister's house.

I've been working of getting as many of my miniatures painted as I can before having to pack them up for the move.  I finally caved and bought a big can of primer, so things have actually gotten done!  Also, better paint brushes and black and white paints have also been acquired.  Woo!

All of my dwarves, elves and gnomes have now been primed, just need to finish priming the animals I have, and then priming will be complete!  Pictures will be coming in the next two posts.

I also went on a long journey in the search for naked miniatures.  Don't ask why it came up, because I honestly don't know why I started the search.  But, after seeing plenty of beautifully painted naked female miniatures, I started to search for naked males too.  Let me tell you, naked male miniatures are a hard thing to find.  I understand that the market is aimed primarily towards male wargamers, but there is an increase of women getting into the hobby.  I don't paint my miniatures to wargame, just for the art of painting them because I find it relaxing and fun.

So, my search began.... and it was a long search too.  Without very many results.  I searched through various forums, read other posts that people made, got offended by the rude comments that some people have made in response to people asking for nude males, and finally found some that were not barbarians.


Granted... the majority of the nekkid ones I have are not human.... yay for Incubi and Succubi!

Hasslefree Miniatures, you are one of my favorite companies by far at this point.  If only it wasn't so expensive to buy the minis!

So, in conclusion for this part, I have a selection of naked males and females that are painted up as well as elves, dwarves, and gnomes.  Awww yeah.

I have also finished up a cross stitch!  It has taken over a year, but the Mario Alphabet Sampler for my friend's baby Leon has been completed!  Pictures of that will be uploaded sometime next week.

My next project is to make a light box so I can get better pictures of the miniatures that have been painted (otherwise I would have uploaded in this post.)

A post with Stonehaven minis that I have painted will be uploaded early next week.  And then, in a separate post, an NSFW post will be uploaded with all the naked creatures in case anyone wants to not see them.

Until next week!!!  But, for a sneak peak of what has happened, check out my Instagram @seryfyre  There may be a TARDIS and some Weeping Angels there.....