Sunday, December 30, 2012

The much anticipated finales...

...of the December cross stitches!  Oh so nice to finish the ones that I started (minus the two for niece and nephew... those will take some time yet...)  First, as said in previous installment of things from my boring life (which I plan on changing, and soon  XD), my sister's present was finished quite a while ago, but I didn't want her to see it.  Now that it is safely in her possession and no longer in danger from cats who assume they rule the household, I can put pretty pictures online.  It makes me happy!

 So the pattern is one I found online when searching for Lord of the Rings inspired crafts.  It is a free pattern from Hancock's House of Happy and I fell in love with it!  It says Mae Govannen (well met) in Quenya.  I changed the colors for it, as the ones I had would fit in with my sister's decorations around the house better than the green and tan.  Also, I didn't have any green or tan...

So, it actually didn't take as long as I thought it would take, especially seeing as it was the first cross stitch that I've done in over ten years... almost fifteen...  But anyway, it turned out pretty good if you ask me!  I had to leave out part of the borders because I did the idiot thing and trimmed my aida cloth too small.  Oh well.  I like the way it looks... I guarantee it...

Sorry... bad pun...

So yes, the finished, framed picture!!!  I got the frame at Michael's when we went to see my brother graduate from college, and finished it on that trip too....

A few days ago I decided to do another quick little cross stitch while watching Game of Thrones season 2.  They were showing it from beginning to end on HBO and it made me sooooooo  haaaappppppyyyyyy.....  I can't wait til it comes out on blu-ray... and for season 3 to start.... Anyway, back to the point...

I bought an adorable little pattern from CraftyCompanion on etsy, and it was so nice and quick to do that I finished it in three evenings, with only about an hour to two each night.
So, I failed at taking pictures of the progress on this one, but here it is!  White, silver and blue on a light blue 14-count aida cloth.  I tweeked the little bobbles on the four sides of the border because I needed to cover an ink splotch that somehow got on the cloth.  Overall, though, I think I did pretty well, myself!

And, all this practice will get me ready for my big project for next year.....  XD

Now this is something that I am SOOOO looking forward to!!!

Thats right... Map of Middle Earth... in cross stitch...  The large format one, if you please!  30 x 22 3/8in on 25-count fabric, with 63 colors.  Went with the big one, cause it will be easier to read the map....

So excited to get the pattern in the mail....  Then it will be gathering the cloth, the thread, and probably smaller needles...  I forsee this taking more than a year.... Probably....

Yeah, most likely....

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A quickie project for travel, and progress on prezzies!

So, after coming home from Pullman for my brother's graduation from WSU, I thought about how annoying it was getting in and out of the travel bag I had packed in order to get work done on the Xmas gifts I'm making for my sister and her family.  I had everything I was working on in one of those hanging makeup travel bags.  Well, it was great and all, but it was bulky.  So, when I got home I scrounged around and put together this little thing!

I had been looking online for some neat ideas for a good travel embroidery set, and I found quite a few good ones.  However, since I don't have an Altoids tin, or even just a cute little tin, I decided to go with something that I already had.  I saw one (I think it was the DMC blog website) made from a slim wallet, and thus this was born.

A friend was gonna get rid of this pretty nice slim wallet when I was helping her unpack after moving, and I said I would take it off of her hands for her.  I hadn't really had need of it at the time, but I'm glad that I grabbed it now!  

Its just the usual inside of a wallet, really.  But, then I started adding to it.  ^-^

So, I have a lovely little paper ruler, a threader, some extra floss bobbins (I have a tendency to pick up new thread when traveling.  An idea will pop in my head and I'll then start slowly planning for it.)  There is also a leather thimble (for the extra pokie days) and a pair of mini scissors.  Those are temporary, I lost my good embroidery scissors while on the trip back from the graduation.  Dang it. >.<

But, I have gotten more work done on my nephew's picture.  I finished the one for my sister, but because of the chance she might look on here at the pictures, it will not be posted till after the holidays.

I am making a picture for my niece and nephew of their names, something they will hang on to for a long time.  Hopefully.  Seeing as he is six and she is four, they might not appreciate it as much right now, but hopefully will later.  But, they will get plenty of mindless toys too.

I, like an idiot, decided to use the Hobbitton script to write their names.  Of course it is probably one of the hardest things to cross-stitch ever.  However, it goes well with what I did for my sister.  I only have myself to blame.  

I found this amazing site that will transform whatever text you want into a x-stitch pattern, with whatever font you want to use thats already on the computer.  LOVE IT!!!!

 What I have so far.  It is very slow going for this, especially since I'm trying to make it not as blocky as the pattern and more like the printed version.  Thus, there is a lot of 3/4 stitches, and half stitches.

But yes, I shall post more about this one soon... and as soon as I restart Maddy's.  I didn't like how that one was going, so I shall re-do.  She might not get it till after Christmas, with how slow my progress is...  To think, the first one I did really didn't take that long....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Witch's Apothecary

So, this year I have been quite crafty, with tons of ideas swimming around in my little head.  Some of them made it to fruition this year too!
So, the whole shebang:

So, our whole front living room was transformed into a pseudo Apothecary, using tidbits of ideas I had found throughout the web as well as things that popped into my head.  Also, since I work at a liquor store (and love collecting bottles anyway) I have quite the collection of different bottles that I was able to work with.
Close-ups of the mantle.  The glasses (I have a set of 8) were left overs from a bunch of makers mark gift sets that didn't sell last holiday season, and we (the workers) got to buy them.  ((By the way... Robin Hood Men in Tights is playing right now... at the singing part...  heheh))
So, I don't remember what the blue bottle was, it was an imported nice wine, which then became the "Life Renewal Potion."  An empty bottle of 360 Vodka became a "Life Sucking Potion".  Both labels, among others, were bought on the Polish the Stars etsy shop.

And we continue across the mantle.  There are some Troll Nail Clippings (pinecone pieces), Belladonna, Jimsonweed, Snake Venom (Patron mini, lol!), Old Had Cackle Extract, Blood of the Undead, Powdered Unicorn Horn, Fire of Brimstone, Mummy Dust, and an awesome absinthe spoon to add some fun!

Consecrated Ground (which my niece had fun filling with dirt), Love potion, Deadly Nightshade (from my sister's garden)  cinnamon sticks, more glasses and candles, Blowfly larvae.

The most delicious vodka, Crystal Head (and yes, that is what is in that one...) Arconite Oil. Scream of Fright, Vanishing Potion, Elixir of Hemlock.  And yes, there is a bottle of Makers Mark hiding back there.  I like the look of the bottles, with the red wax, and when I first saw them I thought of how they would go good as some sort of Halloween decoration.
 Fairy Essence, next to a bottle of what was to be labeled Undiluted Mermaid Tears, who's label did not find its way onto the bottle...  My printer ran out of ink.
 This little poison set (Also from Polish the Stars on Etsy), sneaked its way to a little corner of the shelves.
 Also a sign that did not get printed out...  Twas going to be a sign stating "Chopped Pixie Wings and Ground Fairy Dust."
 Of course, any proper Witch's Apothecary is not complete with a bottle of Wolfsbane Potion.
 And the little mini shelf.  And yes, that is a bottle of Edward Cullen's Ashes.  Thank you Polish the Stars!
 My little tribute to Skyrim, just for my nephew!  Fire Salts, Salt Pile, and Void Salts.  And a little bottle of Unicorn Mane, also without a label.  Poor bottle.
And, Last but Certainly not Least....
The beginnings of my Vampire Hunters Kit.  Yup!  This one I think will take me another Halloween to perfect.  Just need to find an awesome little bottle for the Holy Water, a pistol (replica, probably...), some stakes, and a small little Holy Bible.  There are some pretty cool Vampire Hunting kits out there.  Really, its true!

Anyway, I will post some more pictures of some of the other things that I did for Halloween this year, including a little nod to The Lord of the Rings.  Ahh, pipe-weed!

Till next time!

And it begins...

So, first blog post.  Actually, I'm pretty excited to do this, and hopefully it will encourage me to finish projects after starting them...  especially within a reasonable time limit...  I'm bad about that sometimes.  For instance, a it has been over a year since I started my first quilt and I have yet to finish it...  But hand-quilting a full size quilt is rather time consuming operation...