Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bottling up some extracts

Almond and Orange extracts.  I figured it was about time to see how the experiments panned out!  The almond, seen in this post, was a beautiful murky color.  Just look at that color!  It smelled wonderful too (once I opened the jar).  I can't wait to try it out, possibly with this yummy almond apricot oatmeal scone recipe that I have.  I may or may not post that recipe in an upcoming blog.  Depends on if people want it!

 So, as seen in my loverly Halloween post, I have all these little mini booze bottles.  I like them, they are pretty (some of them) and can be darn useful!  Either for little potions bottles or for bottling up small amounts of extracts!  (And I have them because I work as a booze seller, and the little ones make it a lot easier on my wallet for when I want to try what we sell.  In WA the liquor prices are so ridiculous that I can't afford to get bigger bottles anymore.)  As you can see, I have one little St. Germain bottle, and two little Domaine de Canton bottles (yum!  Try that one with some Limonata San Pelligrino, delicious!). I also have one of those little flask funnels, also darn useful, and for more than just filling up flasks with booze!~ 
 So, I used the tried and (not)true method of using a coffee filter to filter out the solids of the extracts.  This method sucks.  I have to admit it!  Especially with the almond one.  The almonds were somewhat pointy so they liked to break through the coffee filter.  Also, it dripped through it so slow that it was almost useless.  If you happen to have cheese cloth or something else to strain it through, I would highly recommend you use that.  I'm pretty sure I didn't get as much extract out of the almond one as I could have.  Oh well.... Its an experiment, so it works for me!
 I was able to fill up one bottle (about 50ml full) with the almond, and I did have a little bit left over, but not enough to warrant cleaning another bottle (dishwashers are my friend XD).  Like I said before, it smelled so good!  I think the color is not as white as I was expecting because I toasted the almonds before making the extract.  Hopefully that will lend more flavor though!
 The orange extract (also smelling amazing....) definitely yielded more liquid for the final product.  Then again, I'm pretty sure that I started out with more liquid.  See?  Also, it was a tiny bit easier to strain, without the poky almonds.  Still a pain, though.  I will definitely be investing in a better filter system for when I strain my vanilla extract.  Which, by the way, still has a few months left before I start playing with that one.  The lovely orange extract filled up both of the Canton bottles, as well as most of another mini!
One of those ones will definitely be going to my sister to play with. Well, there you go, the first results of my initial two extracts!  I won't be posting too much in the next month or two, unless I get a severe craft itch coming on.  First, a trip to Minnesota to visit family and then we will be doing some serious moving, because by the time we get back we will only have a month left on our lease to find some new diggs.

 Now to figure out what I want to make with some orange extract.  Hmmm.... any suggestions?

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