Saturday, January 31, 2015

"You're a Wizard"... I mean.... A tower!

I know, I know... its been forever again.  But, can you believe that I actually pretty much finished a full terrain piece in the months between posts, and didn't post about it?  Yeah... blame instagram, people.  I did post pics about it on there, and then it slipped my mind to post an actual blog post about it too!

It uses a tried and true set of materials, too.  A Pringles can! Empty, of course!  And a part of a toilet paper tube, and a LOT of card stock/really thin cardboard (like from cereal boxes.  And some craft sticks.  And tooth picks.  And you get the picture haha

So, without further ado, here is my wizards tower!  Please excuse the fact that the pictures on here start with it already pretty much base coated black.  I had already deleted the previous pics from my phone, and it wouldn't let me copy them from instagram.  (Shameless plug... go follow me there!  My user name is seryfyre)
 So, as you can see in the above pictures, the tower has been assembled!  And the three roof sections have been added as well.  I made the tower be four complete stories, with a larger extension at the base with the door, and a bumped out section on the fourth floor with a deck as well.  The box that it is being displayed on is full of Magic cards, and boasts a sticker of one of my favorite bands in the world (The Protomen.)  They just put out a new covers album, and you should check it out!  Amazeballs, thats all I have to say about it!
 Here is a closer look at one of the windows on the fourth floor, as well as the main roof.  It took forever to cut out all the shingles!  For-ev-er  Not to mention actually glueing the dang things on the roofs!  The videos that I had watched that inspired me made it look so easy!  So not true!  But, for a first-timer, I think I did alright!

 And the deck, with it's toothpick rail posts and door.  I had a vision in my head on how I was going to put the deck on, and it totally did not work out how I was planning on it working out.  I was thinking of doing some sort of decking, but hooo buddy, that was a no go.  So, I ended up cutting out a piece of foam core board to work instead.  It looks better once it is all painted, I'll tell you that!
 Closer up view of the main wonky roof.  Lets just say, at the end (top) hot glue became a much closer friend to me than pva glue.
 So, here we go with the roofs all finished with their base coats, and the first layer of dark brown has been added to the body of the tower.  My plan at this point was to get all the wood parts their true base of brown, and start with the shading of the 'plaster-ish' parts.  As you can see in the following pictures, I think it turned out rather well.

Painted!!!  Woo!!!  The true inspiration for doing the blue on the roofs and shutters was that little gem on the first of the three above pictures, seated above the wood 'paneling'.   It was a broken necklace pendant that I found a long time ago, and just kept because I thought it looked awesome.  And, I finally found a place to use it!  I figure, hey! Its a wizardry tower, there has to be something extra unique with it.  So, there we go!  At the end, I also decided that there had to be extra windows.  And since a lot of my figures have a slight steampunk nature to them (namely the gnomes.... not so much the dwarves or elves, but oh well!) and I had a ton of small gears lying around, I would use them as windows.  The bubble 'glass' effect was from hot glue.  I put a large amount on the area that gear was to go, then pushed the gear down to make the hot glue rise up in the holes.  I wanted them to look like there was lights on inside the tower so I painted the 'bubbles' yellow.  I used a old gold/bronze color of the ends of some of the tiles and the peaks of the roofs to tie into the bronze of the gears (and gave them a light coat of it too).

I actually have fully based it as well.  Its not just sitting on a Hello Kitty Online disk (that my niece scratched up).  The base has a garden area, and some grasses and rocks.  I'll try to get a pick of that part up on Instagram.  Actually, I think there might already be one.  Go check it out!  And the only other thing that I have to do is figure out how I want the railing part of the deck to go.  No clue at the moment.  I'm thinking maybe some sort of chain draping between all the posts.  We shall see!  The tower itself is currently stashed for the moment so the demon kitten doesn't destroy it.  She still thinks the tavern is her bed.  Soon, though, that shall have a roof and she will no longer be able to sleep on it!  I hope, at least!

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