Sunday, September 14, 2014

Creamy Pumpkin Alfredo with Sauteed Squash

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Pumpkin alfredo?  Are you crazy? But oh my gob... it is so absolutely delicious that it will definitely be becoming one of my fall staples.  Seriously.  Absolutely delicious!  

Don't knock it till you try it.

I also sprung for being even better tonight and sauteed up an amazing crookneck squash.  This thing is massive... just look at the picture below!  And think... I still have one left to cook up sometime soon!  (And.... its bigger than this one..... >.<)
 Bam!  Those are all the ingredients that I used.  Not a lot.  Simple is better sometimes.  Way better.  Oh, I didn't picture the salt and the grains of paradise.  (If you haven't read previous food posts, then you haven't heard my hatred of pepper.  Serious. Hatred.  GoPs are a nice alternative (:  )

So, for the sauteed squash:  A squash.  Any summer squash would do (zucchini, yellow squash, pattypan, etc), onion (or half, seeing as the one I had was ginormous.... the other half will be used in something later on this week), and garlic.  I splurged and got a small container of caramelized garlic from the olive bar at the store.  Oh, and some butter (forgot to picture that... oops).
 So, three (ok... four including the butter) ingredients.  Simple!  I first put the squash and butter on over medium heat and slow cooked it for about ten minutes, stirring it occasionally.
 Once the squash started to cook down some, I added in the onions and a little salt and GoPs.  Cook for a while longer until the onions begin to soften, then add some of the (chopped, I forgot to say chopped) roasted garlic.  Once all flavors have been incorporated, I moved the finished squash over to a bowl.  I will be using this all throughout the week as part of my lunches for work.  Yummy!!
 Into the same pot that the squash just came out of, I poured about 3/4ths a cup of chardonnay and the rest of the onions and garlic that I had chopped up (Most went to the squash, but I reserved a nice bit to add to my sauce).  I cooked this down until the wine had reduced by half.  ((Tip!  Next time I do this, I will sautee up the onions first to they cook down a little more before adding in the garlic and wine.  I'm not a fan of the crunch/texture of onions.))
 The can of evaporated milk is then added.... and most of the can of pumpkin.  (I didn't know if I should add it all or not, I went with reserving a little.  I will use it later on in the week.)

To this now slightly orange pot I added in a handful of parmesan cheese (about 3/4 cup I would estimate) and the kielbasa (chopped into little triangles... its so cute!) and then turned it on low in order to wait for the pasta.
 Doesn't that look yummy?  Now would be a good time to taste it and decide in you need any seasonings like salt and pepper (or pepper substitute).  It did hahaha. The salt I added seemed to bring out the flavor of the pumpkin more, actually!  Don't underestimate the power of a little salt.  And, a little will go a long way!  Add some, stir and let it sit a moment, then taste.  Give it a moment to blend together.

So, when the pasta finally finishes and gets thrown into the pan, it will look something like this!!!
 Can you say Yummy?  Delicious?  Mind-boggling?  I mean that last one, too.... it looks like a macaroni (doesn't help that I used elbow noodles lol) in the color, and it is VERY creamy (I should have reserved a little pasta water to add in with it) so visually I think mac and cheese.  Taste wise tho... not so much mac and cheese as a slightly sweet alfredo, with hints of parmesan cheese and garlic.  Super tasty!  So much that my kitty did not want to leave me alone to eat it.

Oh, yes.... the reason not a lot of craft things have gotten done.  Meet Arya everyone!  She likes to climb all over me as I eat, sleeps under the covers snuggled up to me, follows me into every room, and is the loveliest kitten in the world.  I lub her lots and lots.
Also, I've been really busy.  I went to PAX Prime, was on vacation for a week (of which PAX was smack dab in the middle) and now I am working quite a few nine-hour shifts in a row to cover for a co-worker who is in CA right now.  And by a co-worker, I mean my only co-worker.  So, I kinda have to cover for her.  I have lots planned tho!  I have the plans for a blacksmith worked out, as well as the bathhouse/inn.  I just need to find some mdf board or something for the bases of the buildings.  It would make things easier for sure hahaha.

On another note.... I will soon be decorating for.... you guessed it.... Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love Halloween!  I didn't decorate last year because I had just moved into my apartment, and I didn't really have anything set up, let alone Halloween stuff!  I will be having a blast of it this time tho, I guarantee it (and I totally was saying that part in that jewelry ad voice for whatever chain of expensive jewelry its for lol)

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