Friday, July 4, 2014

Tavern WIP and bits and bobs

Hey all!  Time for an update!  I've been working on things every once in a while in the evenings while re-watching Stargate SG-1.  I love that show.... Just started on season 4.  So anyway!  I've been working on the insides of the tavern while deciding on how to make the inner hall of the second floor hook up with where the stairs are going.  Which, by the way, I decided where it will go!  You'll see it later on in the post.
 Here are the stairs by the way!  I had enough of the circular stair pieces from the hirst arts thing that I got from Cicada Crafts (250 misc damaged pieces, mentioned in a previous post).

And, I got the rest of my bar the other day as well, so I was able to figure out how it will go!  I had to add an extra corner piece to the shorter L of the bar in order to make it so it didn't cover the kitchen door.  A gate with its post is chilling out in the middle, and I added 'Ardcoat to the bar tops to give it a lacquered look.  I hope it comes through it the picture!  I think it does.  It looks really cool in person.
 I added the kegs to their nook as well.  Two of them I added nice little plaques (which I then 'Ardcoated as well, to make them look special!) and the other two are just labeled "Ale".  I am hoping it comes across as the two with plaques are the higher end brews, while the other two are just run of the mill ales.
 The stage for the music/band is done as well.  All except the shelf I will be putting up on the wall.  Next up for the stage is painting up the instruments and getting them all displayed.  Also, I will be working on the windows and doors too.  Any hints for the windows?  I have some ideas, but I am willing to consider other ideas as well!
 Other ideas!  Like bricking up the nook's window!  I really liked this idea, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I was going to use cork bricks, like I did with the fireplaces.  I was sitting there, and about to measure the opening when I spotted one of my 'scrap' pieced of foamcore.  And yes, I know... there is no such thing as scrap foamcore... its all useful hahaha.  Well, this piece was one of the pieces cut out from the windows anyway, so it was already the right size.  I just peeled the paper off of both sides, used a dull pencil to score out the bricks, and then base coated it black.  Then dark red, then used a pencil again to re-score the lines.  I then painted the lines black, and highlighted the bricks a lighter red.  And then went back to the darker red to add a little more depth throughout the bricks themselves.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with the bricks, and I like how they stand out from the stone on the outside.  The stone which has not finished being painted.  I'm thinking of making vines or other foliage make its way up the sides of the nook.  We will see!  That part is a long way off hahaha.

 I also found an awesome stick at the park earlier this week when I was out with my niece and nephews.  Actually, my oldest nephew found the stick, and its perfect!  I stripped it of its bark and found these awesome grooves in the wood, and it fits perfectly as the center pole for the staircase.  Also, the location of the staircase... the only place I could really put it!  it kinda covers part of the mantle but not the fireplace itself, so I think it will work out!

And on to the bits and bobs that I've been working on.  I've been getting stuff for the rooms upstairs done.  I decided that there will be five rooms and one office.
 As you can probably tell, two of the beds are from the hirst arts molds, with little pillows along with them.  The other two were created using the foot boards (??  I think.... they came with the beds, but were not hooked to them, so I'm assuming they are optional foot boards.).  I made a mattress out of cork, and then framed it using coffee stirrers.  A small piece of balsa wood finished it off as the foot of the bed underneath, making it all the same height.  the cork was painted the same cream color as the rest of the sheets on the other beds.  I then made blankets and pillows in the style of DM Scotty (on Youtube... check out his videos!  I'm hooked on them, good cheaply made items that anyone can do!)
I like the texture the paper towels bring to the blankets.  Makes them look like quilts to me!  I think I will used another bookshelf on the second floor somewhere and fill it with folded up 'blankets' and 'pillows' and extra chamberpots.  We'll see!
 I also outfitted a shelf for the office with books, rolled up 'parchment' (made from used tea bags.  Gave them a nice color I think!) and potion/wine bottles that I made up the other night.  I raided the local bead store.  And by raided I mean I bought things, not actually raiding...

 Here is the finished desk (kinda, still probably will need some work) with a 'feather pen' and 'inkwell' that I made.  The feather is just painted up paper cut to look like a feather, and then glued to a black painted piece of wire.  The inkwell is an earring back, with the middle section painted black to simulate the ink on the inside.  I'll probably do something to make it look dirtier or not as shiny.  The top of the desk was also 'lacquered' like the bar tops.
And here is the final picture of the finished bookshelf.  I added a scroll on top of the top shelf.  It was made with two toothpicks and paper rolled up on them both making a double scroll (or whatever those things are actually called!)  I added some seed beads to the ends of each toothpick and them painted them a metallic bronze, to make it seem more important, as well as repainting the 'ribbon' around the middle from red to bronze as well.  For some reason the red did not want to stick to the paper I used so I just repainted it.  

So yes, that is the progress so far!  I still have one bed to make (this one probably completely from scratch.)  I'll probably make it smaller than the other four for a smaller race.  We will see.  It will be in a smaller room as well, so yeah.  

As usual, any hints, tips and tricks that could be shared would be much appreciated!  I've been having fun with this stuff so far, and I plan on continuing to have fun.

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