Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crafting updates....

Yes, I know, its been forever since my last blog post.  But, fear not.... just because I haven't posted does not mean that I haven't been working on things!  Not only have I been working on my current cross stitch projects, I have started another!  Yes, another... hahaha  And, I have been getting ready for a move.  My friend (who I am helping out with various sewing projects) and I are looking for a new place, so it will be hectic for a little while in my life.

First up on the progress list!  Middle Earth!  It took me some time, because I did not have all the colors I needed to continue, and its also summer... I have had a hard time concentrating on it during nice days, so I have a feeling that most of the progress on this work in progress will be in the winter time.  I will finish it tho! It just will most likely take me many years hahahaha.

I think its turning out very pretty XD

Next on my progress over the last few weeks/months...  I have started a Riders of Rohan cross stitch!  The design is not mine... There was no actual patterns, and any copyrights go to their correct owners.  Since I'm not actually putting it up for sale or adding a pattern online, it should be fine.... right?  lol  All I did was find the awesome picture online, and just freehand copy it.  I'm hoping to get this, the Tree of Gondor, the Dwarf Door, and something for the Elves hanging on my wall, along with the map.  It will be fun!   And it shows my nerd off very well XD

Next up:  I have a KitchenAid that was given to me.  And its white.  And ugly.  And stained.  And it just didn't go with my decor.  I have wanted to keep it out on the counter, but eugh.... yeah.  So, I gave it a makeover!  First, this is what it looked like:

And then I cleaned it.  Holy cow did it take forever.  And there was cookie dough in places that I didn't think cookie dough could get to!  Helpful hint when cleaning... take as much apart as you possibly can.  Also useful when planning on painting it XD  The poor motor in the back was so caked with flour (and I don't even want to know what else) that I'm surprised it still worked!!  So, after the very long cleaning time, came the sanding time!  Just enough to take off the outer coating of the varnish.  Helps the new paint stick better, see?  Also, took off a tiny bit of the staining, but not that much.  Makes you wonder what stained it in the first place.... And I swear, the stain was on it before it was given to me!

 Then outside we went with some lovely cardboard (I used pizza boxes... yummy!) and the lovely spray paint!  I used the Rust-oleum High Heat paint that is intended for grills and such, because have you ever felt how hot a kitchenaid gets when doing lots of thick doughs?  Yeah....   It gave it a beautiful flat black look that I really like actually XD  Unfortunately, I fear I may need to get some enamel coverup or something to go on top of it, cause I feel like I can chip it super fast.    So:  Here is the finished product (for now ;p) of the kitchenaid makeover!  I will be getting some lovely decals to go on it (the whole main inspiration for doing the makeover in the first place!)  This is what I want for it!!!!  In the coppery color!  Soon, little KitchenAid, soon.......

And on that note, since I feel like showing them off, my sister and I got our tattoos done when we were in Minnesota visiting our family!  They are memorial tattoos, for my mom.
This one is my sisters.  My mom loved hummingbirds, and would always have feeders and flowers that they loved hanging around the house.  She wanted a hummer that didn't look cartoonie and I think the artist did a wonderful job!!!  So beautiful!  She plans on getting everyones (her kids, and her deceased sister in laws' to start with) birth flowers surrounding it.  It will be so pretty!!!

 And mine!!!!  The fuschia because that was one of her favorites (ties in with the hummingbird, too!) and the writing is in elvish.  She wasn't the biggest fan of Tolkien's works, but she was always super excited that I had planned on getting a tattoo in that writing style.  She thought it was so unique and so me.  So, I had someone at transcribe her name for me.  So the top says "Tammi Jean" and the bottom says "Mother Dearest".  I love it.  So much!

And no, its not crooked.  The picture was just taken at an angle.  Blame my dad, he took the picture XD

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